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Year 2 

Rights Respecting Articles in Child Friendly Language

We are only as strong as we are united.

- J.K Rowling

Welcome to Year 2 Slides 2021 / Welcome to Year 2 Recording

In Year 2, we strive for more independent learning so every child can be the best they can be.

Year 2 is another important yet exciting year in your child’s learning. Throughout the year, they will continue to develop their writing skills through a range of high quality engaging texts. Your child will continue to write at length with a focus on purpose and audience. By the end of the year, they should have learned their number bonds 1-10 and know their 2,5 and 10 times tables.

Meet the team


Mr Hayward, Miss Birch, Miss Shipsey

Miss Reid, Miss A, Miss Dathorne


What we do and when

Autumn 1 learning overview

Autumn 2 learning overview

Spring 1 learning overview

Spring 2 learning overview

Summer 1 learning overview

Summer 2 learning overview

Our learning

A collaborative piece of art focused on the ancient Aboriginal techniques of using small dots to outline patterns or aspects of nature.

This half-term we are learning about the amazing life of Mary Seacole. To enhance the children’s experience, weekly learning was shown through an interesting pop-up booklet. In design & technology, we created first aid boxes to link with our history topic all about Mary Seacole. We investigated a range of materials and learnt different folds and joins and identified ones that would be secure enough for our first aid boxes.

To launch our science topic this half-term on micro-habitats we visited the Wetlands Centre to learn about the pond micro-habitat. Our pond dipping activity was successful - we found many animals and we identified how they breathe, what they might eat and how they protect themselves in this habitat.

 How can you help at home?

Tasks to complete weekly:

  • Mathletics 
  • Daily reading - Please read with your child 5 times a week. Please record in their reading diary.
  • Spellings practice (see link to the list below)

Please help your children practice their spellings. For more ideas and activities, please see the Honeycomb Spelling below.

A list of the Key Stage One spelling words can be found here: KS1 Spelling

Number bonds tests are done in school every week. Please check your child’s answers and go over any mistakes with them each week. 

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