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The first five years have so much to do with how the next 80 turn out

Bill Gates

Please visit our  'Welcome to Penwortham' website for lots of information about the nursery, videos of the setting and stories from the teachers. 

Hello and welcome to Nursery! Nursery is a really exciting first step into the school community and we extend a warm welcome to you all.  We look forward to working in partnership with you throughout the year and value the important role you play in your child’s learning.

In the Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception) the children learn through a stimulating play-based curriculum and have daily opportunities to free flow between the indoor and outdoor environment. During our sessions we also provide opportunities for adult-led, group and whole class activities as well as child-initiated learning. 

The Early Years curriculum consists of 7 different areas:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design

The activities and resources on offer around the Nursery will support and encourage learning in these areas. Your child’s learning will then be recorded through observations, which are uploaded onto a secure website called Tapestry. These are then available for you to see and comment on, once a password has been set up. 

Meet the team 

The teachers in Nursery are Mrs Gladwin (Mon-Weds) and Mr Alimi (Thurs, Fri).

The Nursery Nurses are Miss Field, Miss Driver, Miss Johnson and Mrs Ali.

What we do and when


Autumn 1 learning overview

Autumn 2 learning overview

Spring 1 learning overview

Spring 2 learning overview

Summer 1 learning overview

Summer 2 learning overview

Our learning

This term our topic is ‘Let It Grow’ where we are learning about life cycles and how plants and animals grow.

How can you help at home?

 A really important part of Nursery is helping the children to become more independent. This is something you can also help with at home, for example, encouraging your child to put on their coat/shoes by themselves or tidying toys away when they have finished playing. Reading stories together at home and visiting the library is hugely beneficial in helping to promote a love of reading. It will also help to develop early reading skills. Looking at and talking about signs, print or numbers in the environment will also help your child develop an awareness of letters and numbers. We love to see photos and hear about any learning at home. Please feel free to share this with us on Tapestry.  

Useful Websites:

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Do you have skills, knowledge and have lived experiences that could be beneficial to our pupils at Penwortham?  For example, you may be a practising Buddhist or be of the Windrush generation. Your line of work may involve promoting sustainable living (for example) or you may have links to people who would be happy to run professional development sessions for members of Penwortham Primary School.

 If so, please sign up to the Penwortham community!

 Thank you